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     The hind's feet empowers it to climb to new mountain heights that others can't.  

That's the type of support we give to businesses. 

Instead of dreading their stressful, cumbersome record-keeping, our clients experience peace of mind and a clear view of their business' financial status through our professional bookkeeping services.

The results are optimized decision-making, lowered taxes and increased revenue growth for their company.

Nadette James

CEO and Founder of Hind's Feet Bookkeeping, LLC

Why Do We Serve?

Entrepreneurs are the heroes of society. They take the risk in solving problems so that everyone can live better lives today and in the future. 

Bookkeeping allows us to use our love for numbers to make a positive impact on society too. With every entrepreneur that receives our support, better decisions are made, companies thrive financially and their positive impact is strengthened and continued for longer periods. And our impact grows through each client that succeeds in their dreams and goals for society.


Who Do We Serve?

Hind's Feet Bookkeeping, LLC serves entrepreneurs with different types of service-based businesses, both small and mid-sized. One thing all our clients have in common is that they’ve had one or more of the following experiences: 

  • They’ve had returning thoughts that their non-existent books need to be set up 

  • They worry that the financial entries they’ve made themselves are somehow incorrect

  • They no longer have the time to keep up with their books as their company continues to grow and more important tasks demand their attention

  • They just hate bookkeeping and want someone to take the mental pain of dealing with numbers away


Further still, our clients know that when expenses are not tracked regularly that bad choices for the company are made and more taxes are paid than necessary. They also know that there’s a possibility that previous tax filings were not done right and a dreaded audit from the IRS would be their worst nightmare.


If any of this describes you,  you’re just the type of business owner that we serve. We provide efficient and accurate bookkeeping support for our clients so they can:

  • Save time and avoid the effort from doing their books themselves

  • Have the peace of mind that their financials are correct

  • Escape the mental exhaustion of dealing with numbers

  • Save money in taxes

  • Increase profits now that there’s more time to focus on revenue-generating activities


Whether you are located locally, in Florida's Tampa Bay Area, or across the United States, we offer the same great support.

How Do We Serve?

Hind's Feet Bookkeeping keeps track of your company’s financials. We provide: 

  • Timely financial statements each month. This includes balance sheet, profit and loss, and cash flows statements

  • Auxiliary statements like accounts receivables, accounts payables and other applicable statements are also produced

  • Monthly check-ins to discuss insights from your financial statements.  We also give financial recommendations about future business decisions and goals

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We use QuickBooks online, the most popular cloud accounting software. We love QuickBooks because they are always developing their platform to make it more efficient. There is also a wide range of apps available to increase the functionality of the software and customize the accounting to specific industries. QuickBooks’ subscription is also sold at different levels so that business owners only pay for the level of service needed. 


Using QuickBooks online also makes it possible to serve business owners in the Tampa Bay area and those remotely located in the United States.

Are you wondering if your books were done correctly?

Book a consultation to get a free review of your books

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