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About Us

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Nadette James

Founder and CEO

Hind's Feet Bookkepping, LLC

Growing up I always had a fascination for Maths. My interest in numbers grew further when I started taking accounting classes in high school in the Caribbean. Throughout college, I continued to explore Mathematics in the business world until I earned my Masters in Applied Economics. Since then, I’ve worked for years in the Analytics field. But time and experience brought me back to bookkeeping. Careerwise, it has always been my first love.


What better career choice than one that combines my love for numbers with serving others and helping entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams?  Business owners nurture their companies with the same devotion as they would their own baby. They need bookkeepers to manage all the credits and debits so they can see where the true profit and, hence potential, in their business lies. They deserve to know the real financial position of their business so that they can make the right informed decision. How else can they lead their business in the best direction each quarter?


I firmly believe this. This is why I also named my company Hind's Feet Bookkeeping. It reflects the kind of support that we offer to businesses. Like a hind’s feet, our services are aimed to help business owners overcome the rocky terrains involved in entrepreneurship and climb to new heights. 

Every business owner deserves to have their books managed well, including you.

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